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Let The Journey Begin

Jan 6, 2022

Lakewood Recovery (Dallas, TX) Owner, Bobby Ludeman, joins Hilary and Jason this week to ring in the New Year! Growing up, Bobby always had this feeling he didn’t necessarily belong, he was an encumbrance, and that he was on the precipice of being cast out. He found drugs and alcohol in his early teenage years and knew from the very beginning that they were going to be a problem for him. His sickness progressed and only got worse to the point of getting addicted to heroin. In this time, he talks about how his father was always willing to do anything to help him with his problem, but he simply wasn’t open or wanting to accept the help. Bobby’s life and perspective changed, however, after he had a son of his own. He talks about his moment of clarity being one in which his son was only a few years old, and he was going to seek help one last time for his addiction or he would end his own life, thinking it was better for his son to not have to grow up with an addict for a father. Thankfully, things began to click and his recovery journey began. Today, Bobby works in recovery as the Owner of Lakewood Recovery sober living and credits being an extreme creature of habit to maintain his sobriety. While working in the recovery sphere, he explains why it is so important for him to connect with the younger individuals just beginning as this was the time in his own life where he had the most difficult time relating to those already in sobriety. Finally, Bobby details how he felt dirty and unworthy the day his son was born but can realize now that he no longer needs to feel this way with how far he has come in his own sobriety.


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