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Let The Journey Begin

Jan 20, 2022

This week, Hilary and Jason bring on founder and director of Coordinating & Assisting Recovery Environments (C.A.R.E), Anthony Brown. From an early age, Anthony experienced nothing but chaos and dysfunction, which led to him running away from home at 14 years old. Needing work and a place to go, he joined a traveling carnival that took him all over the states but also started what would become 23 years of homelessness. Instability and homelessness then spiraled into years and years of drug and alcohol addiction, but finally he reached a point in which he was desperate to get sober and turn his life around. He had been arrested by the same officer several times in the past but on one particular incident the officer asked, “Do you need help?”. This is when his life would change forever. Anthony was then introduced to treatment and experienced his own spiritual awakening that would eventually lead to him being sober almost as long as he was homeless. Today, it is Anthony’s mission to help those struggling with addiction and homelessness as so much of his own life was affected by it. He believes people can become homeless due to a variety of things and by properly diagnosing these specific reasons, you can then administer appropriate help rather than lumping all homeless into one category. Anthony’s true passion is taking his own experiences and his faith in God and utilizing them to provide specialized treatment for individuals who suffer from mental illness combined with a substance abuse disorder. In this episode, you will discover why Anthony considers himself a complete statistical anomaly!


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- Book: From Park Bench to Park Avenue: One Man’s Journey Out of Homelessness


- Facebook: @Brown Manor


- Instagram: @brown.manor


- Twitter: @brown_manor


- YouTube: Anthony Howard Brown



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