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Let The Journey Begin

Jan 27, 2022

Hilary and Alex sit down this week with close friend of Hilary’s, Susie Clothier, to discuss her journey in sobriety. Susie’s drinking career began at a very early age and continued all throughout her teenage years. She grew up in a household in which her parents would argue and she would self-medicate with alcohol to relieve her own tension. Susie also lived with a feeling of “less-than” for most of her childhood as her older sister was an extremely talented athlete. Mostly chalking it up to “just having fun”, she began to realize she had a problem upon completing college. She tells the story of a long-term relationship coming to an end which resulted in her receiving her first DUI. She had a .34 BAC at the time of her arrest but still was coming to her trial under the influence. Due to all these circumstances, she finally entered treatment and began the long road to recovery. Susie explains how just one drink is all it takes for her to go completely off the wagon and believes not fully embracing that is what kept her going in and out for years. Everything changed for her, however, when her young son began taking notice of her drinking and the effects it would have on her. She also talks about how the passing of her mother took quite a tremendous toll on her emotionally and credits the tools in which she learned to maintain her sobriety as ultimately helping her stay on course in a period of harsh grieving. Today, she is thankful for all the gifts sobriety has given her including her friendship and bond with Hilary as well as her love and pursuit of photography.


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