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Let The Journey Begin

Feb 3, 2022

This week, Jason and Alex sit down with Jason’s Aunt Cathy (Holmes) to discuss her own struggles with addiction. Cathy grew up in a household where both parents were alcoholics and she experienced many of the effects that come with volatile, untreated substance abuse. After beginning her own teenage experimentation with drugs and alcohol, she grew so desperate to withdraw from this home atmosphere that she married at a young age solely to get out of the house. In this early marriage, she unfortunately encountered her own share of trauma and abuse and the drugs and alcohol seemed to be the only solution. What she didn’t realize was that all the things she experienced as a child, she began to relive in her adult life and in her own relationships. Cathy was truly a product of her environment. Things eventually started to take a turn for the better after she was in a bad car accident while being under the influence. At this point, she knew it was time to seek help for her addictions. Since then, she has spent the better part of three decades working on her sobriety. Cathy and Jason discuss the idea of being pre-genetically disposed to addiction and how a family history can be a major factor for future generations. They also discuss how family environmental factors can play a huge role in later youth development. Cathy ultimately stresses that, no matter how bad it seems, you still are worth it and that you should never be afraid to reach out for help.



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