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Let The Journey Begin

Mar 24, 2022

This week, in honor of Women’s History Month, RSF Director of Communications, Jaana Woodbury, fills in with Hilary as Sue Bright joins the show. Now with over 30 years’ experience in the addiction treatment field, Sue began her journey like many others do…identifying and repairing her own addiction. Early into their marriage, Sue supported her husband who began struggling with addiction, but quickly found out important details about herself through his battle. She didn’t think she had a problem but when she was eventually told to start identifying the similarities of her symptoms rather than the differences, everything took a turn and she realized she was battling addiction herself. 32 years into sobriety later, Sue shares what has helped her obtain this incredible milestone, including regular attendance of meetings, working a program of recovery, maintaining a strong fellowship of like-minded women, and a spiritual adviser she can rely on and trust completely. Sue most recently served as the Executive Director at New Directions For Women and drawing from this experience, Sue talks about the differences she’s seen in men and women going through treatment and why she believes women-only facilities are much more effective in helping females obtain and maintain sobriety. She also discusses how men and women become addicted differently although both sexes suffer from the disease. Sue is grateful for all the gifts sobriety has given her family and continually hopes she can help other families experience this same joy.


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