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Let The Journey Begin

Mar 31, 2022

This week, RSF team member, Ariel Gale, fills in alongside Alex as the two are joined by content creator, Danielle Provot. Danielle is an individual who has truly experienced addiction from a variety of different angles. She talks about what it was like witnessing her late husband’s struggle with opioids and an untreated bipolar disorder all the way up until the disease of addiction took his life. Losing her husband and the father of her two young girls at the time understandably proved to be one of the most difficult things she had ever endured, which soon progressed her own drinking and furthered her own path into addiction. She later recalls a particular moment during her struggle when she thought about how her two girls had just lost their father and that if she went any further into her own addiction, they might one day lose their mother. This was the moment in which she knew things had to change and that she not only needed to get sober for her children, but more importantly, for herself. Danielle discusses how getting sober has changed everything for the better in her life, especially the dynamic with her children. By looking at how much early damage she had done, she credits family therapy as one of her most significant pieces of healing and how it has created a level of communication between her and her two girls that she never would’ve imagined. Finally, she stresses the importance of service and prayer, as these are two actions that can not only help others but allow her to get out of her own head.


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