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Let The Journey Begin

Apr 14, 2022

Life and Business Coach, Angie Wisdom, joins Alex and Ariel Gale this week, as they fill in for Hilary and Jason. Stemming from a desire of always wanting to help people, Angie began an early career in nursing. She quickly found out, however, that this was not the right fit for her. She also grew up loving numbers and finance, so she then transitioned into a career as a financial adviser, recognizing this as another method to help people by way of establishing a solid financial well-being. After doing this for many years, she made her way into life and business coaching and has been successfully navigating her clients into futures they never thought possible. She talks about how one of the biggest roadblocks to overcome for her clients is identifying values. With so much hustle and bustle throughout our daily lives, Angie believes the things that truly make us happy can get lost in the shuffle. Once her clients are able to strip everything down to the core and to what really matters for them, she can help guide them to that goal and fulfill those values daily. Also, although many aspects of each can overlap, Angie discusses the difference between life coaching and therapy. She describes therapy as recovering from things experienced in life while coaching is aimed more toward the future and what steps can be taken to get there. Whether you are looking to take your business to a new level or are just simply trying to get the most happiness out of your life, Angie works with her clients to reach the ultimate goal.


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