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Let The Journey Begin

Apr 28, 2022

This week, Hilary and Jason welcome Bring The Light Ministries Founder, Pastor Earl Fitzsimmons. Feeling out of place in his younger years, Earl just wanted to be “one of the guys”, believing that drinking was the answer. He quickly found out, however, that his drinking was different than that of his peers and that he was drinking alcoholically. Things progressed, as they do, into his early twenties to the point in which Earl would plan his whole day around his drinking and he would be "poured" into a cab by the end of the night. Yet, one day, something snapped within Earl, and he finally was able to recognize that he didn’t want to live this life of drinking and drugging any longer. He explains how getting reacquainted with his faith is what ultimately turned his life around and eventually led him to becoming a pastor. Earl also talks about how, although there may be people close to you trying to point out a problem, the change will only start when a person can identify within themselves that they are struggling. Finally, Earl shares the story of how a simple desire to be of service spawned into something much bigger!


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