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Let The Journey Begin

May 19, 2022

This week, Veronica Valli: author, recovery coach, and host of the Soberful Podcast, celebrating her 22nd year of sobriety, joins Alex Meschi and Jaana Woodbury. Veronica was introduced to alcohol and drugs at an early age. She discovered substances seemingly went hand in hand with a few other things she adored: partying, dancing, and going to nightclubs. Things began taking a dark turn, however, when she found herself hospitalized after a bad hallucinogenic experience and compromising her integrity and dignity while under the influence. All the while, Veronica was completely bought into the idea that she could not enjoy herself without alcohol. Life continued to evolve into a constant state of fear; fear she was not good enough, fear she was not lovable, fear of what people thought of her, and she was desperate to put an end to these feelings. Finally, after visiting with nearly every specialist under the sun, she pinpointed that alcohol was the root of all her problems, and she hasn’t looked back since. Veronica talks about how, in her first year without alcohol, she built a habit of sobriety that would stick with her the rest of her life. She also talks about how, for her, sobriety has not been difficult, being an alcoholic was. She goes on to explain how there are four specific things people with an alcohol problem do: they drink, they think about drinking, they think about not drinking, and they recover. All these things take up bandwidth in one’s mind and an individual can spend their whole life fixated on this one problem, missing all the important moments that come along the way. She also discusses how the life experiences she thought were being enhanced by substances have become even more meaningful in a clear state of mind. After 22 years of sobriety, Veronica says that life does not get any better than what is right now for her, and she credits the early habits she adopted to get her where she is today.


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