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Let The Journey Begin

Jun 2, 2022

Jason and Alex are pleased to be joined this week by Director of Operations for Catalyst Recovery, Diana Beals. From an early age, Diana always described herself as a thrill-seeker. She would jump her bike off an unfinished deck in her backyard as a young girl because the feeling of inner peace she achieved was something she would continually strive for. She believes that this was an early indicator that the addict gene was in her all along…it was just waiting to be kindled. She eventually was introduced to hard drugs by an unlikely source, and it was only a matter of time before she dove headfirst into addiction. Diana discusses the circumstances that led to her first experience with hard drugs and how long after it took for her to become dependent on the substance. She talks about how she has never blamed the person who first introduced her to hard drugs because she believes it was her own mindset that led her to those circumstances. Furthermore, Diana talks about her parents’ reaction to the situation/her addiction and how early childhood trauma may have played a part in her struggles down the road.


Next week, in Part 2, Diana talks about her experience going through a plethora of different treatment centers, how she was finally able to make a lasting change, and what has been most effective in helping her maintain long-term.


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