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Let The Journey Begin

Jun 25, 2020

This week, Daniel Patterson of Patterson Perspective joins Hilary and Jason to talk about his journey and the passion he has for helping struggling adolescents. Daniel dealt with his own fear and mental trauma growing up, eventually leading to the alcoholism that steered him away from pursuing his dream of becoming a political speech writer. While spending the greater part of 17 years in education, Daniel explains how at one point in his life he was his own paradox: living one well-kept, socially acceptable life in public but also delving into his own addiction behind closed doors. Finally, he details his moment of clarity on one particular New Year’s Day which ultimately caused him to get help and has stuck with him ever since. Drawing from his own struggles with mental health and addiction, Daniel works today in educating and assisting teenagers through several of his organizations, foundations, and books.

You can find Daniel Patterson and his work at the links below:

The Assertive Parent: Hacks, Traps & Strategies for Raising Authentic Teens

RECOVER[edu]: A Communication Guide for Addressing Mental Health in Schools


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