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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 23, 2020

This week, teacher, mentor, and psychotherapist Dr. Sharon Burnett joins Hilary and Jason to discuss the understanding and processing of trauma. Dr. Burnett believes that everyone has experienced some form of trauma within their life, minor or major, with her being no exception. She recounts how the loss of her young brother due to a drunk driver had a big impact on her emotions, only to be followed up a few years later with the loss of her mother. She explains how individuals will use substances as a way to run from trauma and although substances may be a quick solution, true recovery cannot happen until the trauma has been dealt with head on. In Dr. Burnett’s case, she discovered that finding ways of dealing with her own trauma ultimately helped her become a better therapist. Dr. Burnett also puts forth the idea that “trauma is the gift that keeps on giving” and explains why there are both positives and negatives that can come from it. In her work, Dr. Burnett believes every person she works with is a gift and she credits practicing what she preaches as a way to aid in her own trauma recovery.

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