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Let The Journey Begin

Mar 4, 2021

Ana Santaolalla joins Hilary and Alex Meschi (filling in for Jason) on the show this week to discuss her journey and how she uses those experiences to help others. Ana is a Los Angeles based holistic and integrative psychotherapist who specializes in trauma. Ana experienced her own sexual trauma as a teenager and had to find ways to cope and process what she had gone through. She found power in yoga which helped connect her to her spirituality. Eventually, this led to her exploration of Eastern philosophies and practices, including Buddhist psychology, Zen, mindfulness, meditation, and holistic wellness, in addition to the yoga that helped her so much. Ana explains what holistic wellness and integrative psychotherapy is all about and also provides a few techniques that can help calm the mind during any stressful situation. Finally, Ana emphasizes the importance of compassion and grounding oneself in the present, as just a few moments of breathing and quiet reflection can make a big impact on one’s physical and mental health.

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