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Let The Journey Begin

Dec 23, 2021

This week, we jump into Part 2 of Red Songbird Founder, Hilary Roberts, story of sobriety. All the childhood trauma and abuse caused her to be vulnerable, desperate for love, and seeking a way to escape. She details quite possibly her worst experience with abuse as an adolescent which resulted in an even more diminished view of herself. Her self-esteem in the toilet, she took jobs she never thought she would take, only adding to this cycle of unworthiness that would result in her using drugs and alcohol to numb the feelings. One thing Hilary did have though, was the desire to change. She talks about how the right mentor came along and changed her life. This mentor treated her with dignity and respect, and by following her recommendations and advice, Hilary began to realize she did not have to be defined by her dark past. However, she later discovered another addiction that she believes was even more difficult to overcome than the substances. Along the way, her lost singing voice came back through prayer, her self-worth began to regenerate, and she was eventually able to quit the job she hated most. With a past like Hilary and seeing where she is today, it is a true miracle and testament to the power of recovery.


We conclude next week with Part 3!



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