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Let The Journey Begin

Jan 13, 2022

This week, Owner/CEO of JDS Consulting, Inc, James Sewell, joins Hilary and Jason. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, James never felt like he could truly be himself; however, during his time in college he finally felt comfortable letting loose and being who he was. He talks about having generalized anxiety and feeling different than his peers, but alcohol was the solution able to bring down the barriers. For him, letting loose meant going out to the bars six days a week and what was once an opportunity to have fun, quickly escalated into a problem. Eventually, his drinking career resulted in several DUIs over a span of a few years and his court-ordered treatment from one particular counselor is what changed his life. He began looking at all the reasons why he drank and by working on those deep-seated problems, he has been able to stay sober for over 10 years. One of James’s main messages in sobriety is to be kinder to oneself and how it is important to accept the reality of sobriety. During addiction, the substance is what makes the world around us and our situation feel great; however, the world is not like that. There are good days and there are bad days and James stresses the important part for him was to arrive at a place in which he can accept this reality and live in it without needing a substance, a reality in which James refers to as “The Gray Area.” Today, James works in the recovery and mental health field in hopes of improving some of the shortcomings addiction treatment can have.


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