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Let The Journey Begin

Mar 17, 2022

This week, Hilary and Jason are joined by Public Policy Committee Member for NAADAC (Association for Addiction Professionals), President of CASA (National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse), Committee Member for NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers), and National Business Development Representative for Burning Tree Programs, KC Gooding. As an avid baseball player, KC grew up with big dreams of becoming a pro ball player, however, his athletic dreams began taking a backseat to other endeavors, evolving into an addiction. As this can be a progressive and fatal disease, things continued to get worse as his behavior was influenced by his dependence. Eventually, things hit a breaking point when his marriage began to fall apart and his family stepped in to get him the help he needed. KC had always had the mindset that his addiction was only hurting himself but, while experiencing his own moment of clarity, he realized this was all a lie he would tell himself to further his behavior. The simple reality was that he wasn’t just hurting himself anymore, he was hurting everyone around him. The crew also talks about functioning alcoholism and what some of the symptoms may be while KC gives some of his own advice, from personal experience, on how to identify if you fit the bill. After almost 10 years of sobriety, KC draws upon his own experiences to help those in need. He talks about being open and honest, especially with his children, about his past struggles in hopes the same mistakes won’t repeat themselves. Finally, KC calls upon listeners to practice love for self in a day and age where people can be overly critical of themselves.


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