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Let The Journey Begin

Aug 6, 2020

This week, on Let The Journey Begin, Hilary and Jason are joined by Pete Boyer. For 45 years, Pete viewed his drinking as more of a habit rather than a problem. However, things changed the moment he suffered a mild heart attack, in addition to a few other health issues, at which point his two daughters suggested he quit drinking and seek help. Now, after going through treatment and almost a year of sobriety, Pete explains how he manages to stay on the path. Hilary, Jason, and Pete also go over the idea of being just a “social drinker” and what that means in the grand scale of things when trying to figure out whether or not you have a problem. For some people, maintaining sobriety can be more difficult than it is for others, but Pete explains that being “one and done” with treatment is what truly motivates him. Finally, our guest leaves Hilary and Jason with a very simple and straight-forward Action For The Day: “Just don’t take a drink!”


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