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Let The Journey Begin

Sep 10, 2020

Jaana Woodbury is the Vice President of Marketing for Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women. Jaana can be noted for her philanthropy and advocacy toward addiction and mental health issues. In an effort to shed light on family systems and addiction, Jaana’s family was featured on Sesame Street’s, “Parental Addiction” series which recently won a Daytime Emmy for the short film. She has also been featured in several publications including Cosmopolitan for sharing her knowledge and work in the addiction field. Today, while serving as Vice President of Marketing for Safe Harbor, she hopes to expand business as well as relationships with like-minded individuals to bring the best care to her clients.

Jaana sits down with Hilary and Jason this week to discuss how she’s gotten to the place she is today and what it’s like to be an Emmy winner. After being active in school and sports as a child, Jaana experimented with marijuana in high school, which led to much more severe addictions later down the road. Although, these addictions took her to the lowest of lows, even to the point in which she was using hard drugs in front of her young children, she explains that when you strip everything away, her major issues with co-dependency were the root of her addictions. Both Jaana and her husband have obtained sobriety together over the years, and she discusses how she would not be in the place she is today without having experienced that journey. She now considers herself a student of sobriety and stresses how much power can be achieved from appreciation.

The Jaana Woodbury Award (Deadline September 15)

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