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Let The Journey Begin

Jul 1, 2021

This week, Jason (in the middle of newborn baby mode) and Hilary are joined by Kyle Purschell. Descending from a long line of alcoholics and addicts, Kyle believes he was genetically destined to become one himself. His mother left when he was a young child and his father was always battling his own demons, creating a void he would always try to fill with outside substances. Additionally, growing up and being a part of the “cool kids group” in high school who only cared about partying, Kyle got to the point where all he lived for was bodyboarding and fun. Things progressed rapidly from weed and alcohol to eventual heroin addiction in his early 20’s, a drug he considered to be his God and everything he had ever been looking for. Things finally took a turn when what he used to consider fun, was no longer fun anymore. He recalls a particular event whilst lying in bed, dope sick off heroin, no longer wanting to feel this kind of sickness anymore. Soon after, he reached out to a recently sober friend (ironically the same friend that turned him onto heroin in the first place) and began his journey into sobriety. Today, after three years, Kyle is grateful to be alive and is always amazed by all the positive things that have revealed themselves to him. He stresses the biggest thing someone can do needing help is to have faith and reach out.  Also, staying humble and staying grateful has been his mantra throughout the journey and his action for those listening would be to simply “suit up and show up.”


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