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Let The Journey Begin

Aug 12, 2021

Lisa Brown Roberts joins Hilary and Jason again this week alongside her husband of 35 years, Erik Roberts (Hilary’s brother), to talk about their relationship and what they’ve done to make it last so long. As Lisa mentioned on last week’s episode, things weren’t always smooth sailing within their marriage, but looking back, they discuss how each of them recognizing they needed to work on themselves began to strengthen their marriage. Both Lisa and Erik sought therapy individually for difficult life situations going on at the time and began going to couples therapy as well to address how they could better communicate amongst themselves. Erik stresses how important therapy has been in both he and Lisa’s life and believes it can really help give you the outside perspective you need when going through hard times. Lisa and Erik also discuss how having their son helped them learn how to better communicate and found that he was teaching them as much as they believed they were teaching him. After 35 years of marriage, Lisa and Erik are in as good a place as they could have imagined and still go to therapy on the regular. They believe communication is key and without therapy both on an individual basis and in a couples setting, they don’t know where they would be today.


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