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Let The Journey Begin

Sep 2, 2021

Adam Smith joins Hilary and Alex this week on Let The Journey Begin. Adam had a good inkling from an early age that he was destined to be an addict, as addiction runs deep within his family. Nonetheless, he grew up in a good family with as many opportunities as a kid could have imagined, hoping to pursue basketball and volleyball professionally down the line. However, like many teenagers, he began experimenting with drugs and alcohol in his middle and high school years because all his friends were doing it. It was a balancing act at first, but Adam explains that things really took a turn when he started to believe his athletic pursuits were getting in the way of his partying. Needless to say, things progressed rapidly to the point in which he had blown all the great opportunities he had been given and had ruined his life. He finally made the decision to get sober as he did not want to live that life anymore and ultimately believed that if he continued, he would end up in jail or dead. Adam celebrates 11 years of sobriety this year and expresses how different life is for him today and all the work he has done in the recovery community. For example, upon returning to college after getting sober, he formed a collegiate recovery group, alongside several other gentlemen, to help keep him accountable from all the distractions that can surround someone in college. This recovery group eventually expanded from a couple people into several hundred and the idea began to spill over into a handful of other university campuses. Adam also discusses dealing with extremely difficult circumstances while in sobriety and what he does to keep him on the right path during these trying times.


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