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Let The Journey Begin

Sep 30, 2021

This week, Jason and Alex are joined by mental health influencer and co-founder of the Silent Warrior Chronicles, DesiGirl. In the current world we’re living in, strong mental health is more important than ever, and DesiGirl is someone who has struggled her whole life with anxiety and her overall mental health. She talks about suffering from a separation anxiety disorder at the age of five and how her irrational fears almost ruined her schooling. DesiGirl also discusses how her anxiety affected her relationship with her now-fiancé when they first began dating and how important effective communication was for their relationship. Today, DesiGirl has made it her mission to spread awareness of the importance of strong mental health because of how much it has affected her own life. She talks about how she still suffers from anxiety regularly but gives some of the helpful methods she uses to calm it down, including meditation and critical thinking. She also, most notably, co-founded the Silent Warrior Chronicles under the name “DesiGirl,” a mental health blog and podcast, where she and her co-founder discuss a variety of topics related to mental health and hope to provide a safe space for all.


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