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Let The Journey Begin

Oct 14, 2021

This week, we conclude William Walker with Part 2. After going through his own trials and tribulations brought on by his drug and alcohol abuse, William talks about the work he is doing now and how he is using his own experiences to help others struggling. William works in the legal system as a court liaison for those dealing with issues brought on by drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. He discusses how, while incarcerated himself, he would research everything he could about his own cases and now uses this knowledge for those in the same position he was in years ago. He further explains why his own dark past has enabled him the ability to truly connect and empathize with his clients in a way that most people cannot, helping provide a level of trust for individuals going through a tough battle. Also, while incarcerated, William missed the first six years of his son’s life, which he explains was one of the hardest things he had to endure as a result of his addictions. However, things today have completely turned around as he talks about how his greatest achievement in recovery is reconnecting and being in his son’s daily life, to the extent that his son now lives with him. Finally, William stresses the importance of being good to yourself, as so many of his own addiction problems stemmed simply from a poor inner view of himself.


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